The Southern Driver LeMons entry is making great progress!

The Porsche 944 LeMons car is making great strides in preparation for the Southern Discomfort race at Carolina Motorsports Parkway, May 2 and 3 in Kershaw , SC.

New additions include :  new brake pads, transponder, cam lock racing harness, radios for communications with pits, window net, removal of a small family of rodents that apparently enjoy “wire du jour” and mirrors (mainly for drivers to see how cool they look while driving).

We are also glad to make the announcement.. ANOTHER German sponsor is coming on board with Team “GRUPPE NEIN 44” . We were contacted by a car insurance firm in Heidelberg, Germany that has offered to support our efforts. They were very complimentary about the pictures of our car and said “There is nothing like this in all of Germany.”  We welcome them and are proud to have them on board. 


The car is getting a lot of attention and the Home Owners Association in our subdivision have written several letters about seeing the GRUPPE NEIN 44 car in our driveway. Stay tuned for more progress reports leading up to the race. We look forward to seeing you there! Thanks for your support!





We plan to be able to serve some good Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier  to the LeMons judges from our own onboard keg.