About The Southern Driver

The Southern Driver is a privately owned on-line publication dedicated to promoting the interests of motorsports in the southeastern USA. We profile drivers, course workers, event managers and suppliers that are involved with Autocross, Rallycross, PDX/HPDE, Track Trials, Hillclimbs, Rally, Road Racing and Car shows. We cover events in the Southeast and we accept article submissions on a variety of motorsports related topics.

Our readers range from high school and college age to seniors 70+ that all share the same bond : a love for things automotive.

One major pattern you will find in The Southern Driver is in the personal stories and interviews. It is always striking to find out that a fellow driver is a neurosurgeon or a banker or that the man course working beside you has a collection of Corvettes or operates a bowling alley. We all come from widely diverse walks of life but in every interview we do, the same message is heard again and again. “The people I met through cars and motorsports are the greatest people in the world.” One recently wrote us and said “I graduated from high school 30 years ago. I can only name you two people I have kept in touch with over the years. I can name you 20 dear friends I met through my involvement with sports cars and racing.”

You will likely see some race cars at SCCA, NASA and other independent car club events sporting a Southern Driver decal. With that decal comes no sponsorship or glory. It gains a driver no elite status or privileges. It doesn’t even mean you were born in the South. Some of our readers write us asking for these decals because “they fit perfectly over that dent on the left rear fender”.  You will find some of those interviewed are men and some are women.  Some readers are “Colin Chapman – Lotus light” and others (like yours truly) provide their own down force.  Some are “dyed in the wool” competitors and some just enjoy a spirited drive in the mountains. If you would like to meet  THE Southern Driver, go look in the mirror.

Thanks for reading and continued success in life, love and motorsports!

Ted Theodore- Editor