Street Survival School – Spartanburg, SC 10/6/12

Nineteen students attended the Tire Rack Street Survival Program conducted at the Spartanburg Expo Center. Volunteer instructors from all parts of the Carolinas came to assist Bill Wade, Scott Meyer, James Conlon and Brett Baker. Bill, National Program Director for TRSS, drove down from Kentucky to teach this weekend commemorating the 500th Street Survival School.

The statistics of teen deaths and injuries in auto related accidents are a grim reminder of how much more driving instruction is needed. As frustrating as these numbers are, it is a real thrill to be a part of these programs and see the smiles of young drivers as they develop skills.

It is difficult to quantify the results of these classes. How many lives were saved? How many injuries were avoided? You cannot measure what did not happen. If you attend a school or teach in a school, there will be no doubt in your mind of it’s value. For a parent of a teen driver, the value of peace of mind  is PRICELESS! Thanks to BMW CCA Foundation, Tire Rack, SCCA and all those who volunteer their time to be a part of a great program that truly makes a difference in this world. For more information, see