Thanks to all event staff, drivers, crew, spectators and residents of Graham County, N.C. that came out to share in our second hillclimb event in Robbinsville! While the temperatures were high around noon both days, the predicted rains never came. Over 2000 spectators came to watch our hillclimbers chase the Dragon, enjoy the barbecue and try out the new spectator area near the middle of the course. Representatives from 28 different media sources were on hand to film and shoot the racing and festivities. The hospitality of our hosts was felt by all and the 21 local companies that sponsored a car were pleased with their drivers.

This hillclimb also piloted the first SCCA SEDIV Time Trial Novice Hillclimb Program. Nine novices attended a classroom session and had mentors working with them for the entire weekend. All first time hillclimbers stayed safe and not a single wheel went off asphalt. The training included course information, procedures and general “hillcraft”. The result of this program was that FIVE of these novices won their classes.

Final Results –
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Heikki Rinta-Koski won King of the Hill with a time of 116.336 – only 2 seconds off the record set by Cory Friedman last year at the Dragon I Hillclimb. Chris Moore won the Queen of the Hill on her last run of the day Sunday with a time of 139.231 Each received a Dragonslayer sword and for Chris, it was her second! Trophies were presented to all winners by Event Manager – Ted Theodore, Miss Black Knight – McCall Anderson and our SCCA Dragon.

The only two incidents were Avery Street’s Fiero and Willie Stock’s Van Diemen. Both experienced drivers were fine and both cars are repairable. The Dragon remains the safest hillclimb site in the United States but the opportunity for accidents still exists. The adherence to SCCA’s strict safety rules, the safe set up of the course, the quality of stewards/event staff and the drivers competition equipment and training combine to make the Dragon Hillclimb a great place to enjoy racing and continue to develop skills on a closed course.

Spectators enjoyed a new viewing spot at Spectator #2 where water filled jersey barriers and fencing were used for protection. Cowbells were available for kids to use to “wake up the Dragon”. Our SCCA Dragon made many appearances all over the hill and children received inflatable dragons to take home. Drivers were stalked for autographs and many of the locals wanted information on how to receive license to race and how to set up their car for the Fall hillclimb event.



A GREAT deal of thanks goes out to the following :

To our drivers who drove very well… competitively and responsibly.

To Event Staff who worked hard to keep drivers safe.

To Stewards and event officials who insured we executed the event by our rules and in a safe manner.

To Robbinsville Chamber of Commerce (John & Valerie Feil) who covered parking of all spectators.

To Graham County Tourism – (Cheri Brantley) our feet on the ground.

To the NC Department of Transportation who worked hard to get our road in better condition.

To the Ditmores from Microtel for housing our workers and helping to get things done.

To Darryl and Lori Cannon of for great pictures and coverage of our event.

To Terinda and Lauren and our U.S.F.D. Law Enforcement officers at the US Forestry Services who are allowing us to run in their beautiful Joyce Kilmer Memorial Park.

Last but not least to our sponsors- Appalachian Tire at, HAN Restraints and Tim Suddard at Grassroots Motorsports and the 21 local sponsors who helped to make the event possible. Trish England of HANS provided a HANS device which was won by Kenneth High of Charlotte, NC. Appalachian Tire awarded a set of Hoosiers to Dustin Webb of Matthews, NC and a set of Toyo Tires to Scott Sipler of Marietta, SC

Many of Killboy’s great shots are available now at

This was a fantastic weekend and the support from local community was obvious, at the event both days, at the downtown party Friday night and the dinner Saturday night. Merchants all over town welcomed hillclimbers with signs and expressed appreciation for SCCA bringing this event to Robbinsville. We ALL look forward to the next Chasing the Dragon III Hillclimb September 29 & 30 … leaves will be changing, cool temperatures and from early indications, we expect a MUCH bigger crowd and field of drivers. Get your reservations early… it’s coming soon!