CROW MOUNTAIN HILLCLIMB – Great Weekend of Racing in Alabama Oct. 1 & 2

SCCA’s TVR Region ran the 7th Annual Rich Shafer Memorial Crow Mountain Hillclimb last weekend in Scottsboro, Alabama. The event ran smoothly, courseworkers and drivers enjoyed beautiful weather and cars ran until they ran out of gas and tires. There were no incidents and only 2 red flags caused by mechanical failures on course. Heikki Rinta-Koski (our Flying Finn) in a Locost 7  became the tenth driver to make the sub 120 second club and take the King of the Hill honors!


Full Results here.


Sub 120 Club Time Class Year
George Bowland 104.236 Special 2007
Heikki Rinta-Koski 114.224 SPO 2011
Rich Shafer 114.887 GT1 2006
Per Olof Ezelius 115.781 SPO 2010
Richard Felis 117.115 DSR 2006
Ted Theodore 117.604 Special 2008
Tom Turner 118.296 GT2 2005
Mark Mashburn 119.025 GT1 2005
Robby Boyett 119.146 SPO 2008
Craig Farr 119.992 DSR 2007


Pictures by Ted Theodore and Janice Strawbridge