Amy Brock – SCCA Corner Marshall

Jim and Amy Brock are one of our husband and wife teams that helps manage and work many of our track events in the Southeast Division of SCCA. They are efficient and responsible in handling their duties but they also do a great job of keeping it fun. If you work a corner with Jim, he will show you the ropes and walk you through running radios and flags and make you comfortable with it. With Amy as corner chief or “in the tower”, you can be confident she’ll keep things moving smoothly and by the book. They also serve on several committees in the SC Region. Here’s a little more information about Amy.

Birthplace : Zanesville, Ohio. Don’t bother looking it up…it’s 50 miles east of Columbus.

Home : Lexington, SC









Family/Pets: 3 dogs, Minnie the Chihuahua. Buckshot the white German Shepard/Huskie mix. Babycakes the Chow mix. Lucky the cat. Asher the Ferret and a couple of fish to be named later.

Professions : Monday thru Friday I am a Chiropractic Assistant at West Columbia Chiro Center. On the weekends I am a Vet Tech. ..and just in case I have a couple hours left over I am on the Race Committee for SC-SCCA.

Cars presently owned :

1987 Corvette Jim and I found in a barn in Turbeville, SC.  The guy wanted to trade it for a tractor, but I just gave him cash. He seemed happy with it.

2002 Corvette

2002 Chevy Silverado.








Favorite past cars owned :1966 MG Midget first car at 17 wish I still had. A 240 Nissian, wish I still had to autocross. 1997 Ford Thunderbird LX LE. 2001 Pontiac Firebird.

Championships/Titles/Offices/Licenses held : National Licensed Corner Marshall

Your favorite childhood memory involving cars:The first time a raced a boy with my 1966 MG Midget. Won. (My brother was a mechanic in the Air Force and he was stationed in England for 6 years. He learned to work on MGs. When he came home he helped his little sister out a bit.

What you enjoy most about motorsports: watching 8 different classes get around a 2 mile track successfully.

Favorite professional driver past or present : Jim Orr

Favorite roads to drive :  Highway 17 towards the beach.

Your future plans : Take a vacation. Just me and my husband.

Favorite stories from your time in and around racing : I was working turn 1 at Petite in 2009 and Jim was working turn 2. Scott Sharpe came thru 1 and a Porsche was exiting Pro Pits and Sharpe swerved to avoid and hit the wall right at the corner station. I was looking up the hill and all I could see were tires bouncing across the track and pieces of green Patron racecar exploding. It was a tense couple of minutes waving the yellow and not knowing if Jim had been hurt.

Amy, thanks to you and your husband for all you do for southeastern motorsports. We are glad to have you both working with and for us.

Now… go hit Highway 17 and get that vacation in before it’s too cold!