Driver Interview with Ken Owens

Ken Owens drives a beautifully prepared  EP ’70 TR6. While he enjoys the sport and the competition element, he equally enjoys the other parts… the time alone in the garage working over the car in preparation,  the discussing future plans with Brenda , the fellowship at the track with other drivers and that trip back home… thinking about what needs to be done to squeeze a few more seconds out of the car for the next event. Ken got his love of cars from his dad… and I suspect his grandson Chris will inherit that as well.  Whether it’s a Track Trial event or a winding hillclimb road, you’ll see Ken smiling…even with his helmet on. That’s because, like all Southern Drivers … we love what we do!


Birthplace : Columbus, GA

Home :  Fortson, GA

Family:  Brenda, my wife and #1 race fan!  We have a daughter, Jennifer, who lives with her family in Williamsburg, VA.

Profession :  Manager of a non-profit foundation that provides educational loans to college students – the Fund has been around since 1938 and was started by the founder of RC Cola.  Someone else gets the credit for Moon Pies (for those of you who don’t know, RC and Moon Pies probably have deeper southern roots than the origin of NASCAR)!

Cars presently owned :  1970 TR6 (race car); 1971 TR6 (street car); 2009 Ford F-150 for daily driving and tow vehicle.

Championships/Titles/Offices held :  In SCCA the 2009 and 2010 SEDIV EP TT Champion

Your favorite childhood memory involving cars:  Without a doubt, working on cars with my dad – some great quality time that you only have one shot at getting.

What you enjoy most about motorsports:  Certainly, as we all know the driving aspect is number one.  Having said that though, seeing old friends and making new ones is a big part of the overall experience.  I have participated in a number of other sports, but the level of camaraderie is tops in our sport.

Advice to up and coming drivers :  Since involvement breeds commitment, get involved.  No matter the level of participation, you will enjoy the sport more and become better at it if you get involved.  Did I mention, get involved?

Favorite professional driver past or present :  Jackie Stewart.  WOW, what a life and still going strong.

Favorite road to drive :  I like to drive, be it a winding road through the mountains or a wide open scenic road located in the western United States.

Your future racing plans :  As long as I can participate I will!








Anything you’d like to share about yourself, motorsports or experiences : I have always enjoyed anything on which you can mount a motor and drive or ride. In addition, I like turning wrenches, beginning with rebuilding a Briggs & Stratton lawn mower engine at age 11 and mounting it on a mini-bike, to recently building a race engine for my TR6.

Favorite story from your driving career : My favorite would have to be about my first autocross event. Years ago, J.K. Jackson, whom I believe many of you know, was helping put on an autocross for a regional Triumph event. After about what must have been my umpteenth time of coming up to the starting line, J.K., who was manning the microphone introduced the next driver as, “What, Ken Owens, again???” I had found something I really, really enjoyed and was hooked from that point on!









Thanks Ken for your time and for your support for Southern Motorsports. Continued success and we look forward to seeing that beautiful yellow TR-6 at the new Chasing the Dragon Hillclimb June 11 & 12 in Robbinsville, NC!